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Here are five great cleaning products for your home. You get Gel-Gloss, No Streek, Counter Gloss and Appliance Cleaner in an aerosol, Faucet Brite and cleaning accessories. From countertops to fixtures, you have all the necessary cleaning products to keep your home sparkling clean in a single resealable package. Containing the following items:

Gel-Gloss 12 ounce aerosol
NoStreek 19 Ounce Glass Cleaner aerosol
Counter Gloss Kitchen Detailer 12 ounce aerosol
Appliance/Stainless Steel Cleaner 12 ounce aerosol
Faucet Brite 2 ounce liquid
Synthetic drying cloth
8” multi-purpose nylon brush

To Use:

Directions are on the back of the package as well as on each container.

To Order:
Stainless Steel & Appliance Cleaner
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