Family of Household Cleaning Products
No Streek Cabinet Cleaner
16 Ounce Squeeze Bottle CC-24

A professional grade Cabinet Cleaner for Natural Wood and Laminate Cabinet surfaces. Cleans and brightens all Kitchen, Bathroom, Garage, and Office Cabinetry. Does not leave a streak or foggy residue after application on the cabinets. Removes, dirt, fingerprints, and grease in the cleaning and restoration process.
No Streek Cabinet Polish
24 Ounce Squeeze Bottle CP-16

A professional grade “one of a kind” Cabinet Polish for natural wood and laminate cabinet surfaces. Restores cabinets to a like new finish. Cleans, Restores, and Shines the cabinet surface with a unique fast-acting cream formula. Easy application process. Great for restores old kitchen, bathroom, garage, and office cabinets.

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